Testimonials about Counseling In Asheville and Hendersonville

Life, Wellness, and Leadership Coaching

Kevin has been a great asset to navigating the issues that arise in both my personal and professional life. He is able to quickly decipher complicated emotional situations. He then offers concrete steps to begin healing and ultimately using past troubles as a platform for flourishing. - Young professional

Counseling for teens and young adults

 “Thank you for offering this service to the community! It is needed, and a blessing.”

Family counseling

“Since I have been seeing my counselor, I have been able to open up and trust people in a way I never have before. All of the staff are excellent examples of how Christians should be. I watch them do their job, always with a smile and a great attitude. I want to be like that too.”

Couples counseling

My wife and I have been doing much better since we started seeing Mr. Wimbish.  He gives us some homework to do and it really seems to help.  He's very nice to talk to and very understanding. - Husband

Emotional well-being

“My counselor has not only helped me deal with my depression medically (through therapy), but has also encouraged me spiritually (spiritual therapy, I’ll call it) to pray and to thank God for what He will do for me and how He is able to heal me and provide for me. Although I still struggle with bouts of depression, the severity of the lows are much less, and I am confident they will continue to be less impactful to me going forward”.

Vision and Purpose

“My counselor is great to be with. She gives me much needed feedback. I’ve previously been in therapy off and on for many years, but never before received/understood the tools I needed to effect change”.

“My daughter has been able to find her own way to deal with her bad thoughts. Also, she is excited about the prospect of the problems lessening. Before, she had very little hope of getting better. I have nothing less than good to say about our counselor”.

The first thing our son said after meeting with Kevin was, “He waits to respond...like he gives you enough time to think about what you say.”  Kevin’s style and non-judgementalism were both calming and instructive to our teenage son.  We would strongly recommend Kevin Wimbish to any individual or family seeking wise counsel from someone who has excellent rapport with his clients. - parents of a teenage son.  Counseling in Asheville.

“Out of all of the various counselors over the years, my counselor is the only who has ever understand my husband. That in itself is an accomplishment. He deserves a gold star, maybe even a cookie too for that. ” Counseling in Hendersonville testimonial.

Kevin Wimbish helped to bring us to a place of unity where we were able to get direction from the Lord.  Our son is now doing well at a very competitive school and in extracurricular activities.  He is thriving and growing in his passion and love for Christ and learning to truly appreciate our heavenly Father's love. Thank you for helping our marriage, communication, and ability to become one in our discipline and love. We will be forever grateful for sowing into our family.

- Couple with blended family needs.

“The front staff is very professional , yet friendly. They make me feel comfortable and welcome. They never rush or seem frazzled. I can see that they have the same effect on other clients. You all rock! HaHa!”

Our teenager is bright, engaging, dyslexic and ADHD; he met with Kevin for help with mapping out his senior year and life after high school. At his first meeting, Kevin helped him identify his strengths and his weaknesses for starting the process of planning for the future God intended for him. - Parent of teenager